EarthForce Lightning Protection is still here and picking up momentum every day!

EarthForce Lightning Protection can ensure that your Lightning Protection System is the best it can be, protecting you during the the cold Winter months and all year round. We offer full testing to the current standard of install, with Certificates of Compliance and upgrades to your Lightning Protection System to the very latest standard, BS EN 62305 as required. We can carry out remedial works to your System, whether its a full install or a loose Down Conductor that needs to be replaced or re-attached: whatever your Lightning Protection needs, we have you covered. Call 01903 724272

Get a quote! If you have ever considered adding a Lightning Protection System to your Business Property, or even your home, but were convinced that it would cost way too much, then by all means ask for a quote: it may not cost you as much as you thought, and would give you that extra peace of mind that your property, Information Systems, employees or even your loved ones are protected.

We offer competitive rates for a first class service. Our engineers are trained to the latest standards and qualified in all aspects of the Industry, from the basics of putting up a ladder or driving the latest access equipment, to full system inspection, test and installation: we hold and can produce genuine Certificates upon request, and with enhanced background checks you can be safe the knowledge that we are trustworthy and know what we are doing with the right person for the Job.

We are based in Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN176DL. Even if your curious as to what we can offer you or think that maybe it might be out of your price bracket then do not hesitate to get in touch. You will be surprised at how much can be achieved with so little outlay.

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